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Memorial Complex: “Slanchev Bryag”

Part 2 Project 2019
Iva Hasamska
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
Subject of this project is the former Slanchev Bryag Camp near Lovech, Bulgaria. The camp was part of network of forced labour camps in communist Bulgaria.

The choice of such task is motivated by:

• The problematic nature of similar sites, related to negative memory.
• The neglect of the territory and its degradation - danger of loss of material traces;
• The need to make the site accessible and attractive - has not yet found its contemporary function;
• The need for an objective and impartial way of telling this stage of history.

On a conceptual level the project takes into consideration the trauma of this site, connected to the negative memory and the communist regime, the emotional attitude towards this site. On urban design level the new concept complies with the existing environment and its specifics, provides multiple ways of access, takes advantage and enhance the existing railway service, creates a memorial complex that brings together the remains of the camp. On architectural level all new objects are integrated with the environment, respect the remnants of the camp, and are subject to an overall approach of design, choice of materials and structure systems.

Iva Hasamska


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