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A Place for Connection and Resolution; Golf to Community

Part 1 Project 2019
Osuri Kumarage
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
In a country where diversity of people and unity reigns, celebrated and appreciated; intangible conflicts have limited peoples’ freedom, interaction and collaboration. These discriminations destroy inherited beauty of diversity of the nation.

Borella city owing to its main lush green space; Royal Colombo Golf link, has the most picturesque natural scenic view of Colombo. But it is neither physically nor visually accessible to the general public. Even though it’s a view crave to be experienced, socio-economic barriers of exclusivity stand tall obstructing nature and human connection.

Sports create hope, breaks educational and cultural barriers, inspire and bring people together in a way, than else does. Golf is a sport played regardless of age, gender and physical condition. But in Sri Lanka golf has become an exclusive game patronize only by the elite class.

How can architecture accommodate and link a game with people?

The scheme seeks solutions to connect the unlinked aspects of golf to public by understanding the true inclusivity of the game, allow general public to connect with the game without any barriers and give the inclusive view of the golf link using architecture as a catalyst in breaking physical and social barriers.

Osuri Kumarage


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