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Aesthetic Paste: The Metaethical Emergence of Form

Part 2 Project 2019
Michael Jablonski
California Polytechnic State University | USA
The formal process of this architectural intervention speculates on the will of the object according to a series of metaphors in order to propose an abstract moral response to ambiguous or inaccessible realities and inspire our reevaluation of ethical protocol. A smooth and continuous curve wove through an urban block to establish a geometric origin for the project. The proliferating process of its evolution into spatiality follows compositional strategies of: relational continuity as representative of the interconnectivity of networks, repetition as a means of preservation, and direct inversion as revealing the untranslatable affinity of opposites. Each move adds to a growing library of form from which to pull in the endlessness of this agenda across scales. Allowing freedom in the collisions between these processes recommends an ethical desire for their animate perpetuation. Its aftereffects can begin to coincide with our association of its qualities as either threat or comfort-bearing and suggest a procedure of our evaluation. The scales relative to our own can begin to satisfy architectural objectives of habitability, circulation, and privacy without acknowledging a complete programmatic or otherwise architectural task initially, thereby reducing the role of the architect to one of facilitation rather than outright control.
Michael Jablonski


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