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The Maker Quarter

Part 1 Project 2019
Oliver Flew
Coventry University | UK
An ambition to reconnect the historic identity of the Jewellery Quarter to the modern city centre of Birmingham, encourages a design which celebrates the individual makers and manufacturing processes of metal ware, that has until now been a mystery to the public. A vertically-stacked building of independent start-up units rises towards the traditional Quarter; whilst an angular building creates a landmark to be drawn towards from St. Philip’s Cathedral.

Once at the landmark, you are led into a courtyard which connects to multiple levels. Here, independent studios and stores face into the courtyard, enabling you to connect with the process. Finally, having descended into the angular building above a communal workshop, you reach the top of a large staircase, realising you are within the exhibition space which initially intrigued you.

Both buildings, united by a micro-perforated cor-ten steel facade, resembles the work-in-progress of the metalware produced within. In contrast, facades within the connecting courtyard are polished, and represent the beauty of the finished products made in these buildings.

Finally, by revealing the mysteries of the intimate manufacturing processes to the people of Birmingham and elsewhere, a true appreciation and respect for the heritage of the Jewellery Quarter will be reinstated.

Oliver Flew


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