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Part 1 Project 2019
Christopher Nils Shaw
University of Huddersfield | UK
For many years Vietnam has enjoyed a strong tradition of textile production. Weaving and embroidery techniques have been taught throughout the generations, particularly in the hill tribes who developed intricate clothing from naturally produced yarns, such as hemp, cotton and silk. These tribal communities also became experts in natural dyeing techniques.

As Vietnam embraces globalisation, the culture of these communities is under threat, with many younger people leaving their ancestral homes in search of work in the cites. While the production of clothing is still big business in Vietnam, it is largely concerned with mass production for the ‘fast fashion’ export market.

The scheme draws together contemporary ideas for design and retail with ancient techniques of weaving and cultivating plants from which to extract natural dyes. In addition the project has a strong sustainability agenda both in its programme and ambition, of reinvigorating traditional methods, providing employment for indigenous hill tribes and exploring sustainable manufacturing methods.The proposed fashion studio and workshop, aims to connect young designers from Ho Chi Minh City to the many tribal communities and their knowledge, celebrating slower manufacturing as a necessary step towards a more sustainable textile industry.

Christopher Nils Shaw

Mr Carl Meddings
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