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Material Authenticity: Searching for the Meaning of Authenticity Through Wood in Dong Minority Village

Part 2 Project 2019
Yuk Tsin Beryl Wong
Chinese University of Hong Kong | China
Under the era of modernization, vernacular architectures no longer reflect our own architectural language. Taking the Dong minority group with wood-based culture in China as an attempt, searching for a positive attitude of connection between architecture and age, exploring for composition of autonomous space with the elaboration of the intrinsic quality of wood.

Through learning from carpenters, I found out the answer of authenticity in Dong village is ‘structure as space’ and the necessity of bring traditional skills to modern world. Therefore, this project is proposing a school of carpentry, trying to bring back the manpower and sustain the wood craft industry, through a contemporary language but communicates with the tradition. Interestingly, by designing a stratified roof and platform system, and a roof axis that is unparalleled from the path, people will experience a different perception of working space through walking.

Catalysing a sense of history, knowledge and skills of working with wood will be evolved and are hopefully be passed down from one generation to the next. Carpenters are not only competent craftsmen that master in traditional skills but also competent as modern master builders, continuing with the role comparable to the architect and engineer in one.

Yuk Tsin Beryl Wong


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