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Jewellery Fabrication Shop

Part 1 Project 2019
Alexandru Cotofan
Coventry University | UK
The Jewellery Fabrication Shop is a building of Watch and Jewellery making. It handles the entire process from production to retail. The concept of the building design is a metamorph of a quarts stone trapped into the geological layers. The objective of the project is to improve collaboration inside the Jewellery making community.

The component which characterises the architecture is horizontal lines in the main atrium, which is going around the pop-up windows of the studios and workshop. The idea of focus and concentration is manifested through a combination of the dark cushion which is going around the windows faced to the atrium and white horizontal lines which going along the wall. The design makes the visitors to focus on the pocket studios and watch the process of jewellery making. The main facade has a big entrance. The slot is highlighted with copper panels with textured pattern, which through multiple reflections create a soft, shimmering lighting effect.

The building itself and modified landscape create a link between Birmingham City Centre and historical part of Jewellery Quarter. Conceptually it becomes a gate between past and present, during a nice journey inside it.

Alexandru Cotofan


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