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Logistical Subversion

Part 2 Project 2019
Emily Po
Columbia University | USA
‘Logistical Subversion’ envisions a vertical urban typology of a new fulfilment centre by proposing a hybrid of fulfilment and accelerator programs for local small-scale productions. Through a comprehensive research of existing E-commerce logistical network, unforeseen challenges caused by the formal, programmatic and spatial conditions of infrastructures are identified.

Situated in Long Island City, NYC, the thesis sets up a symbiotic relationship between logistical and local production programs. Bringing producers, fulfilment workers and consumers together, the critical response within the urban context reconnects hidden infrastructures with the consumers they serve. The consolidation of users and programs promotes local social and economic exchange, at the same time maximises logistical efficiency.

The programmatic hybrid reinvents a collaborative working environment between humans and automation. By prioritizing local production programs, it advocates a subversion of corporate fulfilment into local production spaces over time. This hijack acts as a critique against the homogeneity and monopolization of the E-commerce economy. By promoting local crafts and skills, communities reclaim a diverse and sustainable economy. Living in a time with uncertainty and unprecedented challenges, the new typology serves as an innovative collective endeavour, for the development of a more sustainable and equitable environment.

Emily Po


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