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Time Based Architecture in Ahmedabad

Part 1 Project 2019
Daniel Ryder-Cook
Kingston University Kingston | UK
The project is a housing scheme for a cooperative of 19 families in Ahmedabad. It is situated in the territory of Sarkhej Roza Mosque in the periphery of the city. Like other areas in the periphery, this is a place where the needs of residents and the urban environment are rapidly changing. An architecture which will serve residents therefore needs to adapt and change in response.

Drawing on interviews and research with residents in BV Doshi’s LIC housing, the proposal reinterprets John Habraken’s notion of Support and Infill to find a strategy for adaptation in the context of a modern Indian city.

The response is a modular kit of concrete frames allow for structural expansion and change of the buildings alongside a simple set of infill elements include brick walls and shuttering. Utilising the common vernacular materials, local typologies such as the chowk (Internal open to Sky courtyard) and Otla (entrance veranda or balcony) are also included to establish continuity with the existing built fabric.

To explore arrangements of the urban plan, experiments were conducted through watercolour block printing. The final arrangement is based on a meandering stream and maintains a connection between neighbouring areas and the Lake.

Daniel Ryder-Cook


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