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Neighbourhoods in Section: Rethinking Residential Tower

Part 1 Project 2021
Cheryl Lee
University of Hong Kong | China
Housing design in Hong Kong has evolved through time. As the city’s density increases and technology progresses, residential buildings are growing taller and taller. The community-building, mid-rise public housing built in the 1950-60s are getting torn down one by one, and we find in their place community-killing podium towers that separate the residents from their neighbours and the street below. In accommodating the people, podium towers have left no space for communities.

This project challenges the common high-density housing by asking innovative questions and exploring the possibilities of residential design. How can residential towers nurture communities high above ground? Can we raise the quality of homes by putting the conventional plan-based design aside, and beginning to think in section? What if double-height spaces or split levels, which are primarily found in luxury developments, are introduced to medium-sized housing units? When space is such a luxury, how could we preserve the well-lit and ventilated qualities that are essential to our wellbeing?

Neighbourhoods in Section serves as the proposal of a new building typology, seeking to innovate typical housing design by thinking in the sectional point of view, aiming to improve the spatial and communal qualities found in modern-day housing.

Cheryl Lee


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