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Co-Bilitsa | Mixed-Use Development

Part 2 Project 2021
Iliyan Angelov
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
“Co-Bilitsa” is a proposal for revitalisation of a central residential zone in Sofia through a strong bonded dialogue between contemporary architectural design and centuries-old traditions and culture. The project's main goal is refinement of the social, building, and environmental conditions by intervention in the local context characterised by socialist architectural background. The concept is formed as an antipode to this background and relies on the richness of customs and heritage for creating a building with a unique visual presence and strong impact on the city. Our folklore is in deep relationship with nature and inspires singers, poets, craftsmen, and so on to implement it in their work. “High, blue mountains, rivers and golden plains ...” once the poet Mladen Isaev wrote. An unusual curve of the cornice created by architect Master Kolyu Ficheto is known in the Bulgarian Renaissance architecture as "Fichevska kobilitsa". The beautiful curves that outline the shape of the kobilitsa our people find in the drawing of hills and mountains. The kobilitsa is a metaphor for people's way of life and relationship with the environment as well as a symbol for sustainability giving this project its shape and its name.

Iliyan Angelov


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