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Made in Blackpool

Part 1 Project 2021
Isabella Robinson
University of Central Lancashire | UK
Blackpool, despite being known for its vibrant coastal attractions and tourism, has eight out of the 10 most socially deprived neighbourhoods in England. This project explores the existing economic, social and environmental experiences within Blackpool, aiming to provide a design that enhances the lived experiences of its residents, who are increasingly marginalised, rather than engaged with Blackpool’s resort economy and identity. Through a new creative production hub producing hand-made ceramic-based lamps, the scheme creates an opportunity for the town to explore a localism agenda through the act of making while improving wellbeing. Inspired by Blackpool’s links with lighting and souvenirs, as well as the therapy of making pottery, the thesis suggests introducing accessible pottery studios could improve the mental health of residents. The proposal sits on an empty corner site between promenade, town centre and housing – extending its public realm for tourists and locals alike.

Isabella Robinson


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