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Save Our Souls Sanctuary

Part 1 Project 2021
Dominic Stewart
Leeds Beckett University | UK
In what can only be described as a world of The Walking Dead. the seaside town of Blackpool is hit with a deadly virus spread through seagulls, causing a global pandemic and more importantly the extinction event to humanity. When society falls, all that remains will be our architecture and infrastructure. The catastrophic outcome to develop from the virus was the resurrection event of the mass dead population which now roam the Earth known as Zombies. The remaining survivors are left to rebuild civilisation in a government intervened settlement on Comedy Carpet called The Save Our Souls Sanctuary. Made mostly from modular pre-cast concrete as well as shipping containers to form the grid structure of this settlement. From here Survivors of this colony will scavenge the Town of Blackpool to build up the defence, using anything they can dismantle and carry like doors and windows.

The Livings greatest defence against the Undead is the Architecture left behind from the past world and what it has the potential to become in the next one…

Dominic Stewart


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