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Water Urban Infrastructure: A Disaster Housing Strategy Response for Beira

Part 1 Project 2021
Andrea Orellana
Polytechnic University of Turin | Italy
Beira was hit by one of the worst tropical cyclone on March 14, 2019. This caused extreme weather conditions, flash floods, hundreds of deaths and massive destruction of houses and crops. The different forms of construction and recovery of Beira and its consolidated scenarios converge in an unplanned city. It has been generated many not articulated urban areas, spaces inhabited by population in a poverty state, physically and socially segregated, denoting the lack of urban facilities, and a precarious infrastructure, adding to this, the extreme vulnerability to natural disasters.

The approach of this work proposes to consider the term ¨infrastructure¨ as a whole concept that join the services and facilities of a city and the housing issue. A proposal that attempts to be a point of departure that creates conditions and provides possibilities to simultaneously manage urban water problems and improve social housing. In other words, consider the concept of “Urban Infrastructure” as being the main responsible for a disaster response and the one who sets the path for recovery and reconstruction of the city. A space that shows how to lead and co-live with water problems, and will be ready for any emergency event.

Andrea Orellana


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