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Bahtera Yacht Club

Part 1 Project 2021
Fatin Zulaika Zamawi
MARA University of Technology - Perak campus | Malaysia
BAHTERA is a newly proposed Yacht Club located in the heart of the glorious city of Kuantan, Pahang. Although the city has been commonly known to be founded in the 1850s, the origin and history of Kuantan or formerly known as ‘Teruntum Village’ was never deemed to be highlighted for its great economic prosperity, primarily driven by the fishery industry. Therefore, the designer proposed the notion of artisanal fisherman’s wharf which are immensely incorporated in the design. Through an amalgamation of ancient fishery culture and genius loci, it resonates and embodies the past and the identity of Kuantan. Together with its strategic location, sited with the direct access to the Kuantan River, this building also implements the seamless continuation of water elements from the river into the building. The objective of the proposed yacht club is to be the new landmark of the city along with the hope of encapsulating the best sailing experience for its users. BAHTERA was also directed towards “Nautical Experience”, whereby almost all aspects of the design are greatly influenced by the origin, the city itself.
Fatin Zulaika Zamawi


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