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Oculus - Uploading the Past

Part 2 Project 2021
Patrick Ciemierkiewicz
University of Portsmouth | UK
The Roman Forum, once the most important area in the whole of Rome undergone a transformation that permanently changed Rome. Mussolini’s negligence and ignorant actions within Rome had led to many monuments being flattened and buried beneath a common traffic road without any acknowledgement or remorse.

This project provides an interface to the ancient Roman forum, reviving the historical monuments and reversing Mussolini’s ruling. Current museums may appear outdated with a small minority of the younger generation visiting, which is why the scheme will target younger generations by providing remarkable sights and utilising cutting edge technology as an informative overlay of the visitor’s vision.

The project will provide a single direction journey through all activities and heritage information about the Roman Forum with a combination of internal and external areas, providing an unprecedented experience of the area.

Patrick Ciemierkiewicz


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