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The Honest Brewery

Part 2 Project 2022
Alexander Kingsley Grafton
Sheffield Hallam University | UK
This Project aims to expand the scope of the situated and socially conscious micro-brewery typology, with a focus on becoming part of the fabric of local, diverse exchanges across the Castlegate area of Sheffield to drive the building of community wealth.

Reinvesting profits into local opportunities and expanding these links locally and towards a wider exchange network across Sheffield creates greater interactions and exchanges that drive a greater collective ability to respond to challenges facing the area by fostering local collaboration and activism.

Across the site the dweller is places within making and producing processes to create a greater openness and honesty to these expanding networks of local exchanges.

A culture of localism is driven by local production through workshop spaces, with access to local experts and a socially conscious ‘pay what you want’ restaurant drive community collaboration, skill development, and engagement across the site and acts as a tool for wider, local community event and project activation in the area.

Non-process time and space becomes ‘inbetween’ spaces of exchange, collaboration, and potential for community wealth building events and program. The public program is aimed at linking and expanding existing and planned new public community spaces across Castlegate.

Alexander Kingsley Grafton


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