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Relics of Reminiscence

Part 2 Project 2022
Mio Kobayashi
University of Liechtenstein | Liechtenstein
Our memory of lived spaces are inherently personal. We inhabit our homes and workplaces with our bodies, and we experience them through sensory input while simultaneously melding this information with emotions and pre-existing memories. It can also be said that none of our experiences are ever original – as we grow older, we relate our experiences to information gathered through research and shared with our peers, constantly influenced by ideas that are not our own. This fluidity of the experience of a house or city makes it difficult to incorporate into an urban planning context, especially when things like efficiency, disaster resistance and heritage are valued in creating a well-functioning part of the urban machine. This project investigates whether lived memory can have a place amongst these larger themes and proposes a way of working that rearranges the standard hierarchy of planning importance to prioritise the humble human experience in the process of design rather than observe it passively as an end-result.
Mio Kobayashi


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