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The Domestic City: A Network of Dispersed Kitchen Inventories

Part 2 Project 2022
Zamira Bushaj
Sheffield Hallam University | UK
Cooking takes up so much of our daily routines, the time it takes to do grocery shopping, wash, prepare, eat, and wash up after is a part of every person’s daily activity. Many feminist thinkers throughout history have critiqued models of the kitchen and its standardisation as a way of regulating household labour. The Domestic City: A Network of Dispersed Kitchen Inventories takes the generative aspects of the kitchen and brings to the forefront networks of exchange systems and care. Located in Rutland Hall, Sheffield, a community kitchen establishes spaces reminiscent of preparing, washing, cooking, and eating food taken from the kitchen and dispersed into the urban environment. Here questions are raised about what it means to cook across diverse cultures and practices that produce alternative economies and sites of learning. The Domestic City suggests less precarious arrangements to maximize care, where the kitchen can enable women with political agency.
Zamira Bushaj


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