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Part 1 Project 2022
Zaiba Patel
University of Central Lancashire | UK
Can making define a memory?

Inspired by the individual, an artefact holds an identity, enhances an image and emphasises nostalgia. In Berlin, the project unites the migrant, the tourist and the native through Seramika. A culture connects to its community- one of making, learning and growing. The site lies in an area populated with Turkish migrants. Recognised for its work in the ceramics industry, Turkish pottery is found throughout shops across the world whilst its tiles decorate architectural monuments. The Turkish enjoy socialising over a good cup of tea as do the locals and travellers. The international elixir is a focal point of Seramika from growing and selling teas to producing the pots they sit in.

The thesis combines memories and making. Introducing studios enable the community to control space and through the artefact, the sentence is completed. It is the concept of recollection that aids this process. The design reflects environmental, economic and social growth. The individual and the collective are stimulated mentally and physically throughout their journey at Seramika.

Zaiba Patel


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