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The Interweave

Part 2 Project 2022
Loulwa Zeyad Alouda
Kuwait University | Kuwait
An urban investigation on the regional displacement of Kuwait’s waterfront throughout the years. The waterfront’s transformative nature, whether in the planar, scalar, or vertical dimensions, was analysed and employed in an operative language to re-establish a systematic dialogue between land and sea.

An expansive catalogue of integration and reinterpreted traditional dhow-tectonics offered the tools to create space. Deliberate displacements and means of fabrication introduced protrusions for the collective and cavities to encompass the intimate, resulting in a macro-scale proposal of public harbours with a re-imagined traditional Nega’a as a connector. Resolving a large spectrum in the miso-scale of the city, designed prototypes of activity and pause are proposed, ranging from harbours, campsites, and tidal steps, to bus stops, benches, and bike racks.

The proposed masterplan highlights the implemented prototypes within the scope of 4 proposed instances: An extension to the pre-existing Swimming Pools Complex, the Re-Imagined Nega’a, an extension to the pre-existing Scientific Center, and a re-activation of the historical site of Ras Al Ardh. These instances explore how the operative language acts in a programmatic form and how the prototypes context-adhere when grounded.

Loulwa Zeyad Alouda


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