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The Ministry of Truth

Part 2 Project 2022
Thomas Joseph Bromley
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
The Ministry of Truth, referring to the Ministries of Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell is a satire socio-political commentary examining authenticity in response to the recent lock-down party scandals unearthed by media outlets. This project examines the relationship between Westminster and Whitehall, investigating their ties to ‘authentic’ dissemination and teasing out agendas concerning transparency, privilege, and overindulgence. The censorship of information from these parties take place on the site of the Whitby Abbey, an authentic site tainted through its existing ties to the fictional Dracula novel. The two parties are divided by a large monolithic concrete spine, designed to restrict specific views. The Westminster building boasts transparency while remaining semi-transparent, while Whitehall “hides in plain”. Between the two parties, a steel representation of the abbey misrepresents what once was, tainting but not touching the authentic ruin. Within the ruin, an alienated briefing chamber in which an uncanny holographic prime minster is presented to the public in a controlled, manipulative environment inducing disorientation, confusion, and questions about authenticity.
Thomas Joseph Bromley


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