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Catalyst 161

Part 2 Project 2022
Lewis Waterson
University of Salford Salford | UK
Catalyst 161 is an exhibition centre and mixed-use development, located in Manchester - UK, proposed for a University to showcase the cutting-edge technology created by the university and other local businesses to try and tackle the ever-growing issue of climate change and sustainability within the construction sector.

The scheme is to support and strengthen the University’s national position as a leader in learning and innovation, sustainability in the built environment and green infrastructure whilst strengthening business partnerships with organisations such as RIBA and BREEAM. The project will complement their existing Energy House 2.0 building and the new Science and Engineering Building, whilst adhering to the University’s masterplan/vision to create a new, state of the art, innovative campus in a uniquely historical setting.

A key design goal within this project is ensuring that the building materiality and fabric itself is at the forefront of sustainable technology through aspects such as, SuDS, biodiversity, and low embodied carbon. The exhibition centre will reinvigorate Chapel Street by creating new social spaces and depth to the corridor, reintegrating Albert Bentley Place, and re-purposing an important heritage asset of Salford in the old Police Station HQ. Resulting in Catalyst 161 being a vibrant social hub enriched by biodiversity and materiality.

Lewis Waterson


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