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Olympic City: Urban Acupuncture

Part 1 Project 2022
Jin Sol Kim
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
‘Elements of architecture’ are thoroughly chosen from not only books but my personal spatial experiences. They are assembled both linguistically and visually. It is in a form of a building where residential and workspaces coexist. Dimensions of modulized rooms have been considered by human scale and analyses of referenced projects. Modules are then combined three-dimensionally under the rule of geometric equations on each axis.

In 1987, the Olympic Apartment was organized into a self-sustaining city with programs needed by the city at the time. But today more than 30 years later, our lifestyle is quite different from then. Now, let's reflect people's lives in 2021 in the existing apartment structure. It is in a new form of structure created by invented geometric equations, positioned everywhere with familiar sizes and functions. Cities are treated and our experiences are yet to be engraved in and on to buildings, again.

Jin Sol Kim


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