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Horizonte Quibdesign. Sustainable Housing through Collaborative Design in the Colombian Pacific, Quibdó

Part 2 Project 2022
Ivone Stefany Castro Segura
Angelica Tatiana Yaima Córdoba
University of La Salle Bogotá | Colombia
Quibdó, has great biodiversity and a privileged location, due to the union between the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Atrato and San Juan rivers, you will observe high rainfall climatic conditions, as well as an extraordinary culture that make it a magical and unique territory.

However, it has the highest MPI (Multidimensional Poverty Index) in the country, which has generated a problem situation in relation to housing, due to its precarious living conditions and a migratory history of more than 80 years, which has impacted the ecological structure as a consequence of the popular settlements and the negative government absence that has not offered a timely solution to this phenomenon.

In this sense, a multiscalar diagnosis was carried out that led to the generation of three proposals: at the municipal level from the polycentric through axes and nodes; at the communal level with the concept of permeability and finally the punctual scale that reflects the interior-exterior urban relationship developing an architectural intervention that revitalizes the ecological system and strengthens the social identity of the habitat immersed between the La Yesca, La Aurora and La Yesca streams. the Atrato River, in which sustainable housing is projected with a vision of progress, without neglecting the ancestral tradition.

Ivone Stefany Castro Segura
Angelica Tatiana Yaima Córdoba


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