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Dignification of the Rural Educational Experience through Architecture

Part 2 Project 2022
Linda Caterine Romero Arroyo
National University of Colombia - Manizales campus | Colombia
Between Global and National administrative policies, there is a clear concern about educational position. That is why they implement educational goals among the different available territories, specifically, rural territory. In national contexts (Colombia) there are rural educational institutions with many problems, among them the biggest: infrastructure.

According to the above, the objective of this degree work focuses on designing an architectural propose for the educational institution known as Cabo Verde Bajo, which is department of Cundinamarca (Colombia). This architectural propose will follow the trajectory from the required characteristics that the educational purposes that allow the achievement of the learning goals in Colombia will be guaranteed.

The development of this work is based on strategies used by architects such as Richard Neutra and Herman Hertzberger, who during their trajectories approached educational architecture within active pedagogy models. Considering those ideas, the characterization of spaces for the Multigrade educational model is created.

The results are a rural educational project that communicates between the context, its pedagogical model and the architecture, providing special, technical, bioclimatic and sustainable solutions that answer the local necessities of those who will live within the space, as well as the surrounding community.

Linda Caterine Romero Arroyo


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