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A Capsule of Deep Time: Something Strange is Happening

Part 2 Project 2022
Miranda Hornsby
Northumbria University Newcastle | UK
‘A Capsule of Deep Time: Something Strange is Happening', developed from a deep and meaningful survey of landscape. Set within the Derwent Valley, the proposition is focused on the long-term protection of an extremely rare and fascinating phenomenon – Seven Petrifying Springs.
Petrifying springs are a result of a fragile makeup of landscape; with the natural ability to petrify objects in contact with the water, turning them to stone. In this case, the petrifying springs existence remains a mystery, and are currently unmapped and unprotected. At this projection the extraordinary formations are set to become lost before they are known.
Set over a timeline, to protect and research the streams (2025), to preserve landscape through a living architecture (2125), and to enable ecological revival (2525), a range of architectural, geological, and artistic practices guided a design process. Whilst the scenario presented of 2525 might appear to inhabit the realm of science fiction, it is based on very real and unnerving predictions of climate, and future technologies of preservation. The Capsule of Deep Time is intended to be both a call to action now, and a hopeful proposal for the challenging future we stand to inherit if we do not act.

Miranda Hornsby


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