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The Expedition

Part 1 Project 2022
Sarah Elizabeth Bradshaw
University of Huddersfield | UK
The Expedition is a direct reflection of the journey experienced by the Windrush Generation. The Windrush generation are the people that came to England from the Caribbean between 1948-1972. This journey is the central shaping feature for this project, I mapped and studied the travelling process within the research stage, where I began to calculate and track the movement and direction taken by the ship for it to arrive in the UK.

This method of arrival was an important motivational design feature throughout, this mapping was then manipulated using musical terminology and parasitic architectural inspiration, through this the skin that encases the internal features of The Expedition was formed and began to weave its way around other existing buildings.

This parasitic method allowed for other buildings to be weaved into the scheme, showing how the design can take the problem, which was: the treatment of the people and the way this psychologically and emotionally impacted them and their experience after arriving in the UK to current day.

It further uses the surrounding buildings as a positive way forward, many of them in my masterplan are refurbished some of these being a learning facility and a rehabilitation residential scheme. This reflects what could have been and what this generation of world changes needed.

Sarah Elizabeth Bradshaw


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