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The Biophilic Micro-City

Part 1 Project 2022
Louis William Huband
Nottingham Trent University | UK
The Biophilic Micro-City explores the notion of socio-ecological wellbeing, through a symbiosis of human and environmental needs. That being, the physical health of our environment and bodies, and emotional health relating to the breadth and depth of our social interactions; explored in my thesis through ‘Bio-Architecture’ and ‘Learning Streets’ respectively.

The school becomes an urban organism that embodies the complex and diverse thresholds of the city, of past, present, and future, where nature permeates the building morphology with a fractal persistence - from program to the structural makeup.

It embodies a rebirth of the historical manufacturing identity of this site with respect to the late Nottingham Leatherwork’s building and nearby factories; except rather than leather, we are manufacturing fungi, plants, bio-based materials, and creative thinkers alike.

This organism involves students in a cradle-to-grave process that sees school by-products being converted into construction materials within the ‘Mushroom Factory’, exploring the potentials of biomanufacturing technologies helping to mitigate waste and encourage environmental design. Materials developed here can be used within student and practitioner projects, from models to structural materials such as mycelium-composite bricks.

As one moves through the site, they become the city-flaneur, absorbing a diverse story of moments and material ecology.

Louis William Huband


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