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Poetics of the Absurd City; In Tandem

Part 2 Project 2022
Sean P Choi
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
In the turmoil society has experienced over the last year, we were able to meticulously observe its underlying fabric. Particularly those of social relations; the closely knit society consisting of vast individuals, and moreover the city’s indeterminacy, ambiguity, and absurdity caused therefore.

Concisely, I called this aspect of the city, Absurd. A state where anything can, and has happened at any moment. In the city’s history of intersections of political statements, ideologies, capitalist logics, and the state of the people’s minds, chaos has ensued. However, more than chaos, I believe that these absurd relations allow a vast plethora of new relations, thoughts, and publics. Thus the Absurd City is never without its vigour to the public.

This project is a future scenario, where capitalist ideas and the city’s people collide; an Absurd City in all its vigour.

This is an epic of hope; emerging from the cracks gouged amongst the midst of a people breaking against a city’s greed.

This is also a story of Belief; A belief in resilience and vigour. A belief that despite what has been and what will be, The city will be resilient - vocal, despite the silence. After all, one must imagine Sisyphus happy.

Sean P Choi


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