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Hackney Centre of Change

Part 2 Project 2022
Samuel James Pywell
London School of Architecture | UK
Over the next century London will need to undergo rapid urban change to respond to the urgent demands of our times. These changes affect all of us and currently our city making process is not suited to coordinate systematic change on this scale.

My proposal is to combine civic spaces with city making resources to accumulate the forces for change and involve citizens in the process of city making.

This will facilitate an acceleration of the response to current challenges through fostering an active citizen participation and inspiring innovation in the built environment.

This proposal will create a network of civic spaces across the city, with the largest of these being Centres of Change, delivered by London boroughs and positioned in central areas to maximise citizen engagement.

The first of these will be positioned within the historic centre of Hackney, repurposing the existing Clapton Bus Garage into a building comprising civic and industrial uses to serve Hackney’s future change.

This proposal seeks to reinvent the purpose of our civic institutions to radically reshape the process of city making so that it can respond proactively to the city’s current and future challenges.

Samuel James Pywell


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