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Welwyn Garden City Sports Centre

Part 1 Project 2022
Matthew Wright
University of Hertfordshire | UK
The Welwyn Garden City Sports centre was my attempt to reinvigorate a community by promoting interaction and injecting new programming with reason and purpose. As we recover from the pandemic, there is a need to rethink “how we live and work”.

The site sits at the heart of Welwyn Garden City, an underutilised industrial roundabout that borders all the districts and is visible from all areas. My proposal intends to act as a functional landmark for the community and commuters. Allowing users to instantly register their location in the wider city context.

The design shifts the centre of gravity whilst maintaining the soul of the city. By the communities wish to preserve the local areas' unique characteristics. My design incorporates Sports programming and additional functionality to the existing city structure. Strengthening city connection with the use of pedestrian highways, connecting the busiest parts of the city.

The proposal was focused on the community, incorporating local analysis shows the community's desire for sporting activities, healthy living and promoting an active lifestyle. Shoppers can watch sports played within the interior football pitches, whilst commuters walk past the local market on their way from work, constantly in use, all under one roof.

Matthew Wright


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