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Dynamic Scales: Re[CON]figuration of Flora and Fauna

Part 1 Project 2022
Mohamad Nour Maher Abo Amou
Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus | Lebanon
The rehabilitation of RENÉ MOUAWAD AIRPORT in KLEYAT is topic that has resurfaced multiple times in the past decades; however, it was never utilized or been taken into consideration… This project aims to take advantage of this “Uninhabited Green Area”, by renovating KLEYAT Airport to breathe life back into this region once again. Recalling the site visiting experience, the Greenery/ Plant life was very predominantly apparent, a variety of trees can be distinguished among them is the ever so famous Pine Tree that can be observed vastly on Lebanese grounds and soil.

The main inspiration for this project was directly linked to the structure of a Pine-Cone and the projection of its pattern on a grid, the pine cone aggregation is 3-dimentional and spatial, comprised of similarly shaped and sized but not all identical units (scales); moreover, the pine cone is not static but instead undergoes many cycles of opening and closing during its life span. The pine cone naturally performs the “Open & Close” and “Bend” behaviours, even if these reconfigurations are happening over a very long-time span (several months, even a year) and under certain conditions are irreversible.

Accordingly, the Pine-Cone inspired development process is employed within the roofing structure in its “Open & Close” mechanism defining it as kinetic roof. Hence, the building is distinguished as a living structure… It protects its occupants, regulates heating and air, and conducts other processes to interact with the natural world. Taking inspiration from the diverse flora and fauna of the planet which evolved to interact and benefit from this environment.

Mohamad Nour Maher Abo Amou


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