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Street of Wheels

Part 1 Project 2022
Paul Edward Colfer
RIBA Studio | UK
The way we use our cities is changing due to innovations in technology, the most major of which is the smart phone. Takeaway orders are made using these phones and communication between delivery riders and kitchens are made simultaneously through their devices. These riders identify public space in the city to wait for orders, take breaks and to create social environments with other riders. In contrast, many of the fundamental historical functions of urban life are being challenged by this technology and the unintentional side effect is marginalisation of these functions. Food serves as nourishment as well as an important cultural expression that brings people together but the city’s roles as the primary location of exchange is being challenged.

The architectural proposals for the “Street of Wheels” will seek to address this marginalisation and develop an architectural prototype for adapting existing buildings to accommodate communities of delivery riders, cloud kitchen employees and the public they serve. Digital and physical communities will merge and the process of ordering, collection and dining will be revealed for the workers and public to see. The projects aspiration is to create a community owned co-operative that addresses the issue of marginalisation highlighted above.

Paul Edward Colfer


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