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New Scene of Post Industrial Culture: Scars of Belgrade's Industrial Heritage and its Reaffirmation

Part 2 Project 2022
Milica Srdjan Simic
University of Belgrade | Serbia
The unrecognized values and potential of Belgrade’s industrial heritage initiated the idea for research that would seek the answer to an important question: Are the scars of the industrial heritage worth the regeneration and reaffirmation?

While having in mind the new cultural patterns of post-industrial society, this research considers the attitude towards abandoned industrial heritage, as well as possible methods of its revitalization.

Being the first industrial area in Belgrade, Dunavska street becomes the main research topic. Its potential of becoming a background for new cultural content has been noted, as it is planned to become a new creative scene of post-industrial society in Belgrade.

Based on the topics examined through the master thesis, a new cultural scene is being designed to reaffirm the existing condition of the location with the new facility – The Biotechnology Centre, which should testify to the development of society, the importance of biology that industrial society did not take into account and the pinnacle of scientific creativity that will not endanger nature but cooperate with it.

The object is a symbol of post-industrial society, and it represents the ultimate goal on the path of reaffirmation of the industrial heritage with new cultural and educational content.

Milica Srdjan Simic


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