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The Fish Lab, Reimagining the Built Form of an Industry

Part 2 Project 2022
Sarala Hapuarachchi
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
The increasingly complex urbanity, post pandemic shifts in everyday life while living the era of data reframing the mechanism of life in economic, social, cultural, environmental and industrial aspects convince the architect of the future to rethink his tools in shaping the morphology and spatial form of the instantaneous world we have come to take part of.

Cities have become contested territories of negotiation, multiple and complex objects, systems, opinions, rights and resources.

The multiplicity and pluralistic character of the city today demands the architect to consider the possibility of the absence of all tools he knew of so far, observing that the very physicality that the architect holds on to is becoming insignificant. Unprecedented times require development of new tools, intervention on multiple scales as oppose to singular and blurred lines between infrastructure and spatial volume.

Yet, referring to Salman Rushdie’s wise words, to understand a city is to accept that it is the sum total of everything that happened to it and is yet to happen. There would be no forward without the components that makes the present.

The project and study is an attempt to find the harmony between the determinacy of tradition of an industry and the indeterminacy of the unknown future creating a spatial complex that is one with today.

Sarala Hapuarachchi


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