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Retrospective Retrofit: Reuse of Dundee’s Historical Industrial Architecture

Part 2 Project 2022
Evan Jay McColl
University of Dundee | UK
Retrospective Retrofit investigates how architecture can tackle overconsumption, aiming to achieve zero carbon and zero waste to reduce usage of both energy and natural resources. The project uses a former jute mill ‘Halley’s Mill’ demolished illegally in 2018 as the site for investigation. Retrospective Retrofit explores various tools of ‘reuse’ at both macro and micro levels, including DfD (Designing for Deconstruction) and ‘Urban Mining’ to formulate a strategy to eliminate waste and carbon emissions to establish the foundations for a regenerative future where today’s waste, becomes tomorrow’s raw material.

Using ‘Urban Mining’, the project mapped the location of demolition sites and renewable sources such as commercial and industrial businesses where materials can be salvaged and proposes methods for reusing or recycling those materials into new prefabricated architectural components. These components are used within the retrofit as part of an adaptable structure that is designed for deconstruction, allowing the Mill to continuously evolve, and at the end of their life cycle, they can be dismantled and recycled again. The components are part of a wider holistic strategy, that adopts co-living and cohousing principles of shared spaces, facilities, resources, and use of renewable technologies to further reduce the retrofits environmental footprint.

Evan Jay McColl


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