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Óhegy Grund - The Revitalization of a Mine Hole

Part 2 Project 2022
Piroska Könyves-Tóth
Budapest University of Technology and Economics | Hungary
As my final project I chose a mine hole left behind. The site currently seems like a scar in the city's mainly residential organism. In my final project I proposed to heal this scar by inhabiting it rather than burying it underground. I continued the mine’s industry driven story with a community building function. I wanted to do that with minimal changes in its structure, furthermore emphasizing its own characteristics. Óhegy Grund is a public space long awaited, which targets mainly the residents of the district, but is open to all visitors.

What makes a place good to spend time in? The current zone regulations suggest this site to be a high-density block disregarding its current state. I don’t intend to compete with the investors in the market, I am rather looking for an alternative solution representing the locals and local services other than overcrowding the area. Primarily the area is filled with life by the locals. The project is focusing on their needs.

Piroska Könyves-Tóth


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