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Part 1 Project 2022
Erica Bonnici
Heriot Watt University - Dubai Campus | UAE
Uncover is the verb that impacted the explorations throughout the human, architectural, and urban scale. Uncover happens through hiding, revealing, and movement. Hiding represents the unseen, untouched, and oblivious. Revealing represents the seen, touched, and obvious. Movement represents the users journey. As we move throughout life, we are exposed to elements that are hidden and revealed.

The design is based around users experience within the architectural and urban elements. The urban design has different elements that push through the existing park, while the architectural form pushes through the urban design. This allows the users to experience pushing through or within in different variations. The design is composed with 4 different functional forms that were impacted from site sections taken from the site. The brief is to design an office building for the ICC (International Criminal Court), with offices, libraries and exhibition spaces. The site is in Al Safiya Park, Ajman, United Arab Emirates. The site is surrounded by residential and commercial zones.

Uncover can never be measured, users experience the journey passing through to their destination. Unmeasurable elements pass through the seen but felt as the users pass through.

Erica Bonnici


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