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The Architecture of the (Evolving) Home

Part 1 Project 2022
T. Percival
London South Bank University | UK
Despite being a city of rich narrative history, mature villages, and longstanding communities, London’s domestic architectural language is one of transience, of temporary homes.

‘The Architecture of the (Evolving) Home’ proposes an architecture of longevity, an apartment complex which evolves with its residents. Through removing transient domesticity, residents are given time to generate ties with their community.

The project proposes longevity through the delineation of permanent and flexible space. The permanent reflects the minimum dwelling, providing shelter and privacy, whilst the flexible is formally and programmatically adaptable to accommodate evolving social requirements. The requirements of domestic evolution were investigated through a series of interviews, culminating in a spatial and programmatic framework over which community narratives could be developed.

George Perec’s novel ‘La Vie Mode d’Emploi’ explores a Parisian bâtement through the histories and interactions of each of its residents. ‘The Architecture of the (Evolving) Home’ employs a similar narrative structure exposing the complex’s community and their evolutions through poetic vignettes of domestic actions.

The focus offers a human-centric reading of the residential complex, both of this proposal and of the archetype. The project stands as just one method of connecting homes to the communities in which they sit.

T. Percival


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