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The Brick Lane Stitch

Part 1 Project 2022
Viktor Telecky
University of East London London | UK
The Brick Lane Stitch is a proposal for a multifunctional food-related urban intervention in Brick Lane, borough of Tower Hamlets.

The site is located at an intersection of two railways in the so-called Cut. Here, all of the close dimension of the compact street is lost. Moreover, the emergence of the upcoming development can heavily a?ect the future of Brick Lane.

The aim of the design, therefore, is to mend the Cut and mediate and soften the harsh edge between Brick Lane and the new development. Adoption of food-related programme such as food banks, a food museum or an education centre should raise awareness about food issues in the 21st Century, intensify the occupation of the lane and, above all, enhance the identity of the place.

The form of the truss borrowed from the industrial and rugged nature of the site should act as a framework capable of accommodating for all the programmes in one single architectural gesture.

Viktor Telecky

Mr Michele Roelofsma

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