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Re-Collaging Dover

Part 2 Project 2022
Alice Hannah Richardson
University of Brighton | UK
This project is an exploration of contemporary collage urbanism, situated in Dover, South East UK.

Fragments of history are here used to repair missing portions of Dover's western docks. The design proposes a revival of Dover's pier district via a series of new public spaces linking the pier to the rest of the town. Particular focus is placed on the public realm around Dover's former Marine Station, where a new urban space is imagined as a conversation between new and old elements.

The strategy for this change was developed through an initial collage, which suggested that the focus of the project should be on the spaces around, rather than within, the former station.

The core public space is formed by three new components; a mixed use building, a viewing tower and a paving design. The principle of multiple narratives runs throughout the scheme, with a view to facilitating the cohesion of temporal elements within the reading and re- readings of contemporary public space. Modes of collage-thinking, pluralism harnessed through the inclusion of multiplicities, and an idea of collective memory inform these spaces developed in parallel with a concurrent research paper.

Alice Hannah Richardson


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