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Wood for Thought: Constructing Silvicultural Exchange

Part 2 Project 2022
Jack Andrew O'Hagan
Aarhus School of Architecture | Denmark
Food for thought = Something that warrants serious consideration

Silviculture = The growing and cultivation of trees,

Where does our timber come from? What wood type do we get? What quality is the timber? What quality is the forest? How “sustainable” is this industry?

In the 90’s and early 2000’s in the global north, processed and fast food was the common food for the modern family. With research into the quality of the food on our health, we have started to move away from this way of eating. Simultaneously, with the dawn of climate-responsible views on agriculture, we have slowly begun to shift towards organic and considerably more vegetarian diets for not only the benefit of our personal health but for the benefit of the planet we live on. Through the design of a research facility, each of the voices that are concerned about the health of the forest will share an experimental forestry system. The users of the forest will graze and roam the forest, experimenting, studying, and envisioning the 21st-century forest. Silvicultural exchange will decide how Irelands' forests will meet and adapt to the future demands of the building industry.§

Jack Andrew O'Hagan


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