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Intimate Oddities: Ghosts of our Tropical Landscapes

Part 1 Project 2022
Darien Wu
National University of Singapore | Singapore
The definition of “normal” is constantly shifting in today’s modern age, with the digital-focused culture, the prevalence of posthuman spaces emerges to cater our demands for technology. This digital surge has triggered the resurgence of outdoor recreational activities, where it has led us to seek forms of escapism within nature.

Intimate Oddities searches for reconciliation and humanizing of posthuman spaces through the atmospheric phenomena of intimacy resulting from nature’s veil, mist. The project celebrates the intimacy of the mist, through the containment of humidity in its different states to allow for variations in manifestation by passive and mechanical induction. The interplay of the unnatural and natural reflects the paradox of this emergent conditions in the proposed tropical data centre + recreational facility.

Darien Wu


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