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Re-Create: Creative Hub in Hackney Wick & Fish Island

Part 2 Project 2022
Ana Paula Kouzak
University of East London London | UK
How does a city with a heavily industrialized past adapt to contemporary post-industrial use? The existing infrastructure and architecture from such places are commonly used to accommodate many other functions, which allows experimental activities to take place.

Hackney Wick and Fish Island were, in the 19th century, a location for industrial innovation. Big factories and warehouse buildings used to accommodate the traditional manufacturing industries and services with a strict line of work are now converted to live-work studios for small creative industries to develop their business. The spaces between the buildings created yards where they meet, perform, present their work and create stronger bonds between the residents and workers.

This project aims to bring awareness to the social and cultural values existing in the area. It takes advantage of the area’s creative background and exhibits the work of the existing industries, and artists. It accommodates different uses such as pilot models of live-work units, an exhibition centre for local productions, workshops that can be used by the existing residents to produce environmental enhancers for their current living conditions and by the artists to use the equipment and the space, as well as creating a network for the creative community.

Ana Paula Kouzak


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