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Part 1 Project 2022
Mimi Burt
University of Bath | UK
A key distinction between male and female humans is their potential, or not, to produce offspring. With so much of the female’s identity being tied to having children and motherhood, it is unsurprising that infertility continues to carry a heavy social stigma and links so integrally to a woman’s mental health.

In response to this, and in anticipation of In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) becoming an increasingly common reaction to fertility challenges, the scheme aims to provide a space dedicated to using fertility technology for the benefit of women. In contrast to the impersonal systemisation of conventional IVF clinics, the scheme offers a more empathetic environment that is sympathetic to its purpose. Through its form and function the space will act as a sanctuary for womanhood and a celebration of the creation of life.

The building also addresses the canal it faces by pulling water into the site and naturally cleaning it through reed beds to supply water to a lido, before returning the clean water to the canal as a gift to the city. The relationship between water and the origin and preservation of life is fundamental on many levels, whether symbolic, vital to the process, or good for mental health.

Mimi Burt


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