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Generative Architecture - The Renewable Energy Science Hub

Part 1 Project 2022
Salam Mustapha El Jamal
Beirut Arab University - Tripoli campus | Lebanon
City Of Light

Tripoli, the second largest city in Lebanon, a city that refuses to die and lately suffered from many crises mainly electricity, the city has become dark, and citizens spend long hours without electricity. This led to the concept itself where the project aims to promote the renewable energy culture in society, to follow the growth of dynamic renewable energy through smart clean source of energy, to work within the physical and social content, creating healthy environments, topped off with valuable services. The project has a great importance to society, as it will be the first zero energy and self-efficient generative building that will make Tripoli the city of light.

This reflected the idea of renewable energy labs that studies how to develop, test, and then distribute renewable energies. The architectural idea of my project is inspired by the blobitecture school, organic cells that reflect the rebirth idea-energy rebirth. This reflected the interior of the project, the creation of different glass bubbles “courtyards”, to deliver light to the different function - to the basement, and to achieve environmental, social sustainability and visual connectivity.

Salam Mustapha El Jamal


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