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Finstown Archaeology + Anthropology Research Centre

Part 2 Project 2022
Liam Carlton
Robert Gordon University | UK
"Orkney is a land rich in history. There is a saying that if you stick a spade into the ground of Orkney, it will bleed archaeology. The past often influences or informs our future and as such, a research centre in Finstown poses a great opportunity for a place to study and learn about our self sufficiency throughout history, to inspire our future.

One of the key aims of the scheme is that the placing of the buildings should recall an archaeological dig, this is achieved through a series of cut planes which the buildings sit within. The excavated earth of the site is used to form rammed earth piers, creating a building that is formed of its own site.

The main research centre alludes to other aspects of the dig; the translucency of temporary structures and glowing tents where archaeologists retire after dark. These are captured by an overarching translucent cover which acts as roof and wall, articulating a transparent interior and a series of intermediate spaces between inside and out. In doing this, the research process is entirely exposed; engaging the public with the work of the research centre and the excitement and mystery of uncovering our past."

Liam Carlton


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