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High Rise: Reworked

Part 2 Project 2022
Lydia Elizabeth Bagley
Kingston University Kingston | UK
This scheme aims to rework the typology of the high rise tower to be generous and open, whilst freeing the ground from weight and allowing biodiversity to flow through. The project aspires to layer programs of housing, environmental research, and public green space, challenging present day issues around living standards and our connection to nature.

The enclosed microclimate provides a sheltered outdoor space for city dwellers to escape the intensity of modern life, surrounded by a more natural environment. Providing space for research into environmental science helps us better understand the fundamental connection between man and nature, specifically in the city. Pushing the weight of housing into the sky endeavours to set a precedent for dense schemes to consider light and outdoor space, thereby improving quality of life for occupants. The proposal attempts to exemplify how high rise housing can achieve a deeper connection with the ground, whilst leaving space to experience nature in the city.

Lydia Elizabeth Bagley


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