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Daedalus in the Purbecks

Part 2 Project 2022
Wael Abusaad
Arts University Bournemouth | UK
Drones are the future of transport, and this project explores both the design and making of the drone flight in a deeply historical and rural landscape and context. Drawing, painting and making are the starting points for my design.

Taking inspiration from Leonardo and Buckminster Fuller’s drawings and designs my explorations looked a lightness, geometry and digital fabrication. The Purbecks has a famous steam train connection, the Swanage Railway, which passes through the heart of the Purbeck area and has a stop near Corfe Castle at Norden.

The new drone, complex including a maintenance and research facility, as well as an interchange for people and products is imagined as a series of responsive and technological advanced interlinked lightweight objects in this landscape.

Wael Abusaad


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