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Community 'Building'

Part 2 Project 2022
Bruna Borges Joaquim
University of Brighton | UK
Community ‘Building’ explores the development of public spaces by designing ‘with’, instead of ‘for’, the community, for the long-term. The proposal is a gentle but efficient refurbishment and landscaping of The Old Bathing Pool Site in St. Leonard’s, which contained a historic Olympic sized pool that was enjoyed by many before it was demolished in the 80s. Today, the site is earmarked for a widely disliked development after being left unkept and underfunded for decades.

Working with the support of community members through a collaborative design methodology, the proposal integrates workshops and a coastal mixed-used community complex that brings leisure and small local productions together. This encourages unexpected interactions between visitors and locals as well as regenerating the site into a charming new destination.

Meanwhile, the construction strategy creates the illusion of an established building by appropriating an adaptable warehouse structure with elements inspired by the local architecture. This is coupled with the sustainability strategy to recycle local waste into building materials, which can be continuously upcycled and re-used as the structure changes over time.

Thanks to St. Leonard’s locals who contributed to this interesting project. There is value in making architectural design more collaborative, both in process and outcome.

Bruna Borges Joaquim


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