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Fading Edges

Part 1 Project 2022
Weronika Gabriela Galecka
Coventry University | UK
This proposal for Coventry of 2030 tackles challenges of expanding urbanisation, in context of different layers that makes the city. Key objective of this project is the idea of fading edges, in order to create more sustainable, accessible and environmental mobility strategies for the city centre and re-claiming of the streets and spaces for better connectivity, communal life and flourishing biodiversity.

Reclamation of Pool Meadow Bus Station, as a reflection of the big strategy, faces disconnections visible in city’s infrastructure and aims to creating new hub for inclusive public transport and multigenerational exchange of experience. On top of human-focused interventions, project tackles rewilding and creating infrastructure for nature, with the strong focus on pollinators – more specifically wild bees.

This project investigates importance of bees in context of pollination, human- wellbeing and global climate changes, as well as threats that causes bee extinction. Using a concept of bee friendly architecture and urban planning, project aims to find the solution to create better living environment for pollinators, simultaneously responding to the problem of extinction of experience, as one of the outcomes of urbanisation.

Weronika Gabriela Galecka


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