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Casa delle Donne Castelfranco Veneto

Part 1 Project 2022
Csilla Zsófi Veres
Cardiff University | UK
Despite nowadays in Italy women’s rights are institutionalised and supported by law-, inherent historical and traditional bias still affects the image of women in society and prejudices the full recognition of the crucial role held by them in history and society.

Casa delle Donne Castelfranco Veneto investigates how the empowerment of women, through a series of inter-dependent interventions, can celebrate women’s history. The voice of the women writers who emerged in the city and in the country is used as a vessel to inform the city’s population. Castelfranco Veneto is understood via a learning process which explores the concept of the circularity of women by designing social enabling platforms (Manzini, 2003).

This project builds upon the achievements of the “Casa delle Donne” institution and asks Castelfranco Veneto to unfold new images welcoming the new image of women. Castelfranco Veneto is seen through the city’s layers of history - defining visual and physical boundaries.

A series of interventions are approached, utilising the theory on the fold, to see its potential to frame new images of the city and become the new image of women. The aim is to encourage women and girls to fully realize their human potential and to bring attention to the unheard voices of women writers.

Csilla Zsófi Veres


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