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The Archive of Utopia of Rationalism in Architecture

Part 2 Project 2022
Agnieszka Kepa
Cracow University of Technology Krakow Poland
The subject of the thesis is the adaptation of the ruins of the “Stalownik” Hospital in Mikuszowice Krakowskie. Stalownik was built in the 1960s. The original function of the building was a sanatorium for miners and steelworkers. “Stalownik” is an example of utopian thinking that characterized many public projects implemented in the 20th century. “Stalownik” is based on a regular construction grid, implementing the postulates of functionalist architecture, while the brutalist shape contrasts with the soft forms of the natural landscape. The master's project is a proposal for the adaptation of the Stalownik for “the Archives of Utopia Rationalism in Architecture”, where materials and exhibits related to the Stalownik-like utopian visions of architects can be collected. Stalownik becomes an exhibition space while maintaining its values, which it obtained as a ruin. Thanks to the external stairs and open spaces designed in the façade, the Stalownik remains open for exploration, even when closed. The Archive with a reading room is located in the superstructure above the Stalownik. The form of the superstructure, which doubles the height of the existing building, strengthens the strong silhouette of the Stalownik, whose monumental shape stands out from the soft forms of the landscape.

Agnieszka Kepa


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