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Instruments of a Liquid Kingdom: Or a Love Letter to the World

Part 2 Project 2022
Mary Kathryn Louise Black
California Polytechnic State University | USA
Currently, the state of our world is in a dire position. While humans have tried to combat climate change and worked to develop environment solutions, these attempts are fruitless. Without the renegotiation of our relationships and current views, humans risk allowing our sense of separation from our environment to keep us from making change.

This proposal explores how immersive, aesthetic experience can lead to recognition, empathy, love, and respect for the environment. Elizabeth Meyer offers insight into the topic of aesthetics as a method of sustainability by building off of the notion that as humans we tend to care more for things that are beautiful or cause us good experiences. Meyer proposes, “Beauty is a key component in developing an environmental ethic.”

In addition to beauty, a reorientation of care became a focal point of interest. Applying care theory to architecture involves taking a fundamental shift in perspective. Care does not view the completed “thing” as its object, it begins instead with responsibilities to care, not only for this thing but for all who are engaged with it. Reorienting the concept of care now requires an entirely new way of seeing the relationships among the built environment, humans, and nature.

Mary Kathryn Louise Black


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