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Humble Urbanism

Part 2 Project 2022
Badriyah Salem Alsalem
Kuwait University | Kuwait
Humble Urbanism is a studio project consisting of site analyses and mappings which informed a series of designed structures; these aim to reignite our intrinsic sense of spatial and temporal awareness that is usually provided and guided by the natural environment.

First, the mapping analyses are divided into three categories: environmental cues found above ground, such as celestial mapping and timekeeping; on ground, such as terrain, flora and fauna; and below ground, such as soil types, plant root behaviour, and the observation of water. The second part of the mapping, meant to superimpose the first, observes how each of these cues are suffocated by the aftereffects of war, urban development, military projects, foreign influences, and light and land pollution.

As a result, 5 structures were designed to create a sequential journey of reconnecting with our spatial and temporal orientations. Sites 1 and 5 are the bookends of the rehabilitation process, and the architecture is merely a platform to humbly celebrate the natural environment. And in sites 2, 3, and 4, located along the waterfront, the architecture is carefully designed to fabricate the natural cues that existed there before destructive human intervention. The artificial cues are reinvented as lights, walls, paths, openings, etc., to guide and inform so our innate sense of place and time is resuscitated.

Badriyah Salem Alsalem


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