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Glasgow Museum of Slavery

Part 2 Project 2022
William Thomas Henry Lewis
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
A recent awakening across the world through the Black Lives Matter movement has shed light on Glasgow’s involvement in the slave trade and shortcomings in accountability. Glasgow is the only transatlantic trading city that does not have a memorial or museum dedicated to slavery. Glasgow Council leader, Susan Aitken has stated ‘it can no longer be ignored and the amendment that I am moving to today asks us to do three things: to acknowledge, apologise and to act’.

The museum is located in the city centre adjacent to ‘The Glasgow Mile’ high-line a master plan focused on restoring Glasgow to its former glory through culture led regeneration. The museum occupies the negative space between existing stone buildings and is accessed via a new pedestrian corridor created below a disused freight railway (now occupied by ‘The Glasgow Mile’). The intention of the museum is not to blame, rather to acknowledge that Glasgow exists within its current context and prosperity in part due to its involvement in the slave trade.

William Thomas Henry Lewis


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