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The Maiden Tower Restoration Project, Gadabay

Part 1 Project 2022
Murad Mir-Zada
Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction Baku Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan has always been one of the countries distinguished by the uniqueness of its historical and architectural monuments. Since Gadabay one of the oldest cities not only in the Azerbaijan but a lso in the Middle East, there are many historical and architectural monuments of different periods.

These monuments have always been attractive in that they combine the styles of eastern and western architecture at a high level, which makes Azerbaijan one of the centres of world architecture. As a topic for my diploma, I took a historical castle located in the Soyudlu village, Gadabay region.

The tower was raised on a rocky shore along the Shamkir River. It is possible to climb on foot to the castle, which is surrounded by forests.

The castle consists of five circular columns. entry and exit are invisible. Columns are various in height and dia meter. Circula r-shaped constellations rise from the corners of the fort.

The tower has two levels inside, which correspond to the rugged mountain relief. Furthermore, the main aim of my project is to protect the historical monument and save the present-day condition of the tower. I believe that all people must save and pass such cultural objects to our future.

Murad Mir-Zada


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